If you’re thinking about finally building your own mobile app, React Native is one of the best platforms you can use to make your project a reality.

One of the best things about using the framework is how flexible and easy it is to use, especially including the ability to use pre-built app templates.

With React app templates, you can get a head start in your app development projects by getting your hands on a pre-built app framework. These templates allow you to easily save days or even weeks’ worth of time that otherwise normally goes into coding an app.

In this collection, you can find some of the best React and React Native app templates we’ve found online. You can actually download these templates and start building your own apps right away. Have a look.

Doot – React Chat App Template

Doot - React Chat App Template

Doot is a very simple and clean chat app template for React. It features a complete chat or direct messaging system for building a powerful chat app with group chats, channels, audio calls, video calls, and more. The template is built with the latest Boostrap 5 and React featuring both light and dark designs as well as RTL layouts. It’s perfect for both adding a chat system to your existing apps as well as for building standalone chat apps.

Tasklay – Freelancer Marketplace Native App Template

taskla react native app

Building freelancer marketplace platforms like Fiverr and UpWork takes a lot of work. But with this React Native app template, you can get a major head start on your project. It includes an easy-to-use system and user interface where people can sign up as freelancers or clients to do business. Freelancers can create gigs and receive orders as well as get hired for projects posted by clients.

Maha – eCommerce React Native App Template


Whether you want to build an Amazon-like eCommerce marketplace or an online store to sell various products, this React Native app template has got the perfect solution for your business. It features a fully customizable app that can be used in both Xcode and Android Studio to build your mobile app. The app offers a smooth user experience and supports payments with Stripe and PayPal as well.

Combers – Salon Appointment Booking React App Template

combers react native app

Combers is a great app template you can use to create an app experience for modern salons and barbershops. It allows customers to easily browse the services offered by the business and make appointments with just a few taps. The React Native app template features more than 120 app screens and comes with app modules for both the user and the business. It also includes a built-in calendar, in-app payments, push notifications, and more.

Oreo Fashion – React App Template for Woocommerce

oreo react native app

This React Native app template is perfect for making a mobile experience for online fashion and apparel stores. It comes with a minimal and trendy layout that allows customers to easily browse categories and view products just like browsing a website. The app is designed with the WordPress WooCommerce platform in mind. You can even check out a demo version of the app on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Free React Native Firebase Starter Template

Free React Native Firebase Starter Template

This is a free starter template kit for React Native. It features more than 25 different starter templates built with React Native while using a Firebase backend. Using these templates, you’ll always be able to get a head start in your app development projects.

Free React Native Starter Kit Templates

Free React Native Starter Kit Templates

This starter kit is also free to download. It features a set of basic mobile screen templates made in React Native with fully coded layouts, UIs, animations, and more. It’s completely free to use with personal and commercial projects.

Wala – Food & Delivery React Native App Template

wala react native app

This app is designed as a food ingredient ordering system where users can choose a recipe and order the ingredients in a box. But you can use it to easily setup a professional food ordering and delivery platform for your local restaurant. It features a fully front-end user experience with 60 different app screens. And comes with modern and trendy designs as well.

BigKit – 12 Unique React Native App Templates

bigkit react native app

This is a bundle of React Native app templates that includes 12 different pre-made app modules. It includes app templates for a cryptocurrency app, doctor’s appointment app, an online learning app, banking app, courier service app, chat app, and more. Each template features flexible and customizable layouts. This bundle is perfect for freelance developers.

CTH Directory – React Native App Templates

cth directory react native app

If you want to build a directory or listing platform like Yelp or TripAdvisor, this React Native app template will help you create a smooth mobile experience for your users. The app is built to work with WordPress websites. And it’s specially optimized for TownHub, CityBook, and EasyBook WordPress themes. All you have to do is setup the WordPress directory website to get the app up and running.

Felix Travel – React Native Travel App Template

felix travel react native app

Felix Travel is another great React Native app template designed for travel and tour service platforms. This app allows users to easily explore travel services to book tours or rent cars without a hassle. The app offers a flexible system where you can setup experiences for flight booking, travel tours, car rentals, and pretty much any type of travel service. The template features a dark mode, RTL, multiple color options, and over 100 mobile screens.

Doctreat – React Native Mobile App Template

doctreat react native app

This React Native app template is designed for doctors, small medical centers, and hospitals for offering an easier way for patients to book appointments. The includes a complete app experience with profile pages for doctors, a powerful search function, one-on-one chat options, forums, and much more. The app is designed to work exclusively with the Doctreat WordPress theme, allowing you to build a fully cross-platform experience for your business.

Free Food App React Native App Template

Free Food App React Native App Template

For a free React Native app template, this template kit offers a ton of value. It features a beautiful food app design with a modern user experience. There are layouts for recipes, categories, ingredients, photo galleries, and more.

Free React Native Walkthrough Templates

Free React Native Walkthrough Templates

This is the perfect free template kit you can use to add a simple walkthrough or onboarding section to your app. It includes fully customizable layouts that you can edit to create as many onboarding screens as you need.

ZiniStore – React Native App for Woocommerce

zinistore react native app

ZiniStore is a multipurpose React Native app template built for WordPress WooCommerce. Using this template, you can easily create a native mobile app experience for your eCommerce websites. It’s especially suitable for online fashion, beauty, spa, and lifestyle shops. The template includes more than 30 unique screen layouts. You can also test its live demo versions on Google Play and App Store.

Fitness Love – React Native App Template

fitness love native app

This React Native app template is perfect for making a simple mobile app for fitness, yoga, and gym platforms. It comes with over 70 mobile screens featuring flexible layouts. And it includes UI kits for both Android and iOS platforms. The template includes calendars and fitness tracking systems. As well as video tutorials for customizing the template.

BeoNews Pro – React Native App for WordPress

beonews react native app

If you have a WordPress blog, magazine, or news website, this app template will allow you to setup a simple mobile app for your website. The multipurpose layouts included in this React Native app template make it suitable for all kinds of WordPress websites. Whether it’s a travel magazine, food recipe blog, or a product review website, the app will fit in perfectly with your WordPress website.

Listar – React Native Directory Listing App Template

listar react native app

Listar is a React Native app template for making directory listing apps. It offers very flexible and customizable layouts for you to create almost any type of directory platform, including hotel directories, travel, car rentals, real estate, and more. The template also supports RTL layouts, multiple languages, and comes with a dark mode as well.

Doctor Plus – React Native App Template

doctor plus react native app

Doctor Plus is a unique React Native app template that’s been designed as a way for doctors to offer consultations to patients. The app offers a seamless experience where users can search a directory of doctors, ask questions, and book consultations with them. The template features a very modern and effective experience across over 150 screen layouts.

CryptoX – Crypto Trading React Native App Template

cryptox react native app

Just as the name suggests, this React Native app template is designed for cryptocurrency and crypto trading platforms. It comes with a clean and modern design where users can buy, trade, and manage all their cryptocurrencies in one place. The template includes more than 25 different screen layouts as well.

Delivery Person – React Native App Template

delivery person react native app

With this React Native app template, your online marketplace can allow its vendors to manage their deliveries through their own riders and teams. It features a seamless experience to easily manage orders, assign delivery persons, and track the deliveries without a hassle. It’s great for a service platform like Uber Eats as well. The template works well with WordPress, Android, iOS, Google Maps, WCFM, and more.

TikTok Clone React Native App Template

tiktok clone react native app

If you ever need to create a TikTok competitor platform or even experiment with the TikTok layouts, this app template is perfect for you. It features a complete TikTok clone layout with more than 20 screens. You can use it to create a video-sharing app similar to TikTok or make your own unique app by building upon the layouts.

By: Roshan Perera
Title: 20+ Best React Native App Templates 2022
Sourced From: designshack.net/articles/inspiration/react-native-app-template/
Published Date: Tue, 24 May 2022 13:00:13 +0000