The vintage look is more than just a design trend, it’s now a coveted style that’s used to produce stunning artwork for all kinds of projects from printed products through to digital web graphics. Mastering the crafts to painstakingly construct your creations using real life tools without the safety net of CTRL+Z can be extremely rewarding, but the time requirement just isn’t feasible for most design projects. It’s no wonder then why digital tools that recreate authentic looking vintage art are so popular. Tools like vintage fonts, texture kits and ready made illustrations are extremely sought after resources, and they’re all included in a new bundle from Design Cuts that combines the best selling vintage design resource products at a staggering 92% discount. If you want a set of professional quality tools to produce the most in demand style at the moment, this bundle is for you!

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The Versatile Vintage Toolbox

The Versatile Vintage Toolbox For Creatives pulls together the most exceptional quality tools from the top designers who have mastered this style. Their carefully crafted resources help you produce accurate vintage effects that are difficult to tell apart from the real deal. Variety is rife with this collection, there’s fonts, illustrations, textures and brushes.

The Versatile Vintage Toolbox

Having the correct licensing to use premium products in your projects is important, especially for items like these that form a considerable portion of your work. Thankfully extended licensing is included for every item in this bundle, which means not only are you perfectly safe to create commercial client work with these resources, you can even produce products and items you intend to sell, such as prints or merchandise. This liberal licensing opens up all kinds of exciting opportunities for fun personal projects and ways to earn a little extra passive income. The entire bundle can be picked up for just $29, but it’s a limited time offer. It’s wise to have these kinds of tools in your arsenal, you never know when you might need them!

Buy The Versatile Vintage Toolbox for $29

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