Admit it, you are always looking for quicker, more efficient ways to complete projects – even graphic design tasks. Lunacy is a piece of free design software from Icons8 that can help you do just that.

It’s packed with AI-powered tools to speed up your work, giving you a new edge in your design work, plus a range of built-in graphics to help you “build design like a Lego”.

Today, we’ll take a look at this tool, highlight its key features, and explain how you can make it work for you.

What is Lunacy?

Lunacy has cross-platform capability and is packed with built-in stock graphics to power your projects and help you work faster.

Lunacy is a set of artificial intelligence-powered tools to help with graphic design projects. It’s made by Icons8, a leader in the graphic design space. (You may have used some of their icons or user interface kits.)

What’s great about this tool is that it is free and works on your computer, so you don’t have to rely on something that works in-browser. It has cross-platform capability and is packed with built-in stock graphics to power your projects and help you work faster.

Icons8 is a company that allows designers to express their ideas, providing the right design elements at the right time. Unlike some other marketplaces that just resell designs, all of the design elements you find from Icons8 are created by the team and shared with custom elements and tools.

Graphic Design Tool

So why would a graphic designer need a tool like Lunacy? Who else can use it?

What’s nice about Lunacy is that it is made with everyone from a beginner to an experienced designer in mind.

Beginners will love all the graphic design elements and the ease of use. AI features help make tedious tasks more simple, from removing backgrounds to resizing images.

Experienced designers can also benefit from that same AI with a tool that can help make tasks quick. Create an avatar in a jiffy or open files from other native tools such as Figma, Adobe XD, or Avocode. (You can move files back and forth, too.)

For a free tool, it also has something else really unexpected – the ability to design and collaborate with your team. You can share documents and edit, comment, and see changes to the design in real-time. (That’s something you won’t find with a lot of other graphic design tools, and almost unheard of in free tools!)

Key Features

There are a few features in Lunacy that you’re absolutely going to love because of the zip they will add to your workflows.

The background remover makes the background of any image transparent. You’ll save a ton of time that you’ve spent doing detailed work in the past.

The built-in image upscaler allows you to enlarge images and even enhance their resolution. Use this to help out those photos that aren’t quite big enough to do the job.

The background remover makes the background of any image transparent. You’ll save a ton of time that you spend doing detailed work in the past.

The avatar generator allows you to create user images for almost any use, from contact lists to testimonials to team icons.

Finally, the text generator can insert placeholder text into any of your designs or interfaces so that your team can better imagine a final product, even before the copy is complete.

Other key features include:

Free icons and illustrations are included with Lunacy to use in your projectsA stock photo library is included with thousands of studio imagesUI kits are part of the tool as well to help create consistent interfacesLunacy supports 18 languagesNative app that works with your computerCollaboration tools allow you to work with up to 100 peopleUses .sketch format and works with all major hand-off and version control toolsForum to chat with other users and even suggest new featuresPlenty of documentation and tutorials to help you get up to speed quickly100% free tool

Download it Today

Lunacy works offline as a native app on your computer. It’s available for PC/Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Download Lunacy for:



Lunacy is an easy-to-use and quick-to-learn graphic design tool that’s perfect to help beginners create or facilitate quick projects for more experienced designers. The AI-powered tools are intuitive and valuable, work as expected, and really do help you save time.

Built-in features – from stock photos to icon sets – are an added bonus that keeps you from looking elsewhere for additional assets. For a free tool, it would be tough to find anything else with the same powerful features and ease of use.

Give Lunacy a try today.

By: Carrie Cousins
Title: Lunacy: Breeze Through Graphic Design Projects
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Published Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2022 10:33:19 +0000

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