50 Best Websites of 2022

We’ve seen some incredible websites in 2022. There have been more than the usual number of sites with a political mission, and plenty that made us want to travel. The big design trends were brutalism, huge typography, and bold positive color. We’re looking forward to what the web will bring in 2023, but in the […]

12+ Presentation Design Trends for 2023: Create PowerPoint PPTs With Impact

Looking to knock your next presentation out of the park? Start with one of these design trends that will help you create a PowerPoint presentation with a lot of impact. Here are some trending examples of current trends and techniques for delivering a modern presentation. From big, bold colors, to photo stories and big backgrounds. […]

10+ Trends for Pairing Fonts in 2023

Trends in typography seem to evolve more quickly than many other design trends. For a long time, website designers stuck to font palettes packed with sans serif typefaces. But that feels like ancient history now! Today’s range and variety of web fonts make for much more interesting design possibilities, font pairings, and visual themes. We’re […]

3 Essential Design Trends, October 2022

This month, it’s all about the images. Each of the design trends we spotted has to do with the images you select – or don’t select – for a project and how you use them. Here’s what’s trending in design this month. 1. Floating Images Sometimes you design off the grid intentionally. Other times you […]

20 Best New Websites, October 2022

The design world fluctuates back and forth, swerving between love and hate for different design trends. Sometimes we see a wide range of approaches, and sometimes designers all hop on the same idea. This month, the web is dominated by animation. Designers are cramming in motion in unexpected ways. And it’s fun to explore. Here […]

The Website Redesign Checklist: 10 Key Considerations

It’s something most brands or companies have to do every three to five years: tackle a website redesign. The speed of technology is constantly changing, design trends evolve, and overall functionality requirements make a semi-regular redesign a must to ensure your presence online is modern and usable. It’s a big project, but with the right […]

3 Essential Design Trends, June 2022

Are you bored with some of your current design projects? This month’s collection of website design trends can help break you out of that rut with some fun and funky alternatives. And all of these options are anything but boring. From visual display to technique, these trends present a different set of challenges. Here’s what’s […]