3 Essential Design Trends, December 2022

As we head into the final month of 2022, plenty of new ideas and website design trends are still emerging. The evolution throughout the year has been exciting and designed to help website designers and developers create greater engagement and interactivity while pushing the envelope. These trends are no exception. Here’s what’s trending in design […]

Reinventing Design Choices for Privacy Permission Elements

A personalized experience is one of the most highly valued features of a modern website design. However, gathering the right consumer data is essential to provide customized services to website visitors. After all, you can only enhance consumer experience and provide a better service if you recognize customers to a degree. The problem is, sometimes, […]

After Effects vs. Premiere: What’s the Difference?

Video has likely become an important part of your website design or marketing strategy. From video hero images to short YouTube videos that help explain a product or service, video is a growing aspect of design. Have you been asked to edit, create or adjust video for a client yet? Chances are it will happen. […]

How Often Do You Need to Redesign Your Website? (7 Ways to Know It Is Time)

Does it seem like as soon as you finally get your website design right, it’s time for a change? You are not alone. With the speed at which technology – and design trends – are changing, that’s a common feeling. But how often do you really need a redesign? When do you know that it […]

Kinetic Typography: An Eye Catching Font Trend

When you combine typography and animation, you get kinetic type. This website design trend is showing up practically everywhere as designers add motion to text elements to create more engaging headlines and art elements. It’s an engaging way to take typography to the next level, bringing it alive on-screen. Here, we’ll take a look at […]

Design Trend: Scrolling Text Elements

Almost everywhere you go online, there seems to be some sort of animated effect or element. Here’s one more trend in website design and animation: scrolling text elements. You’ll know this trend the minute you see it because text elements will move on the screen. Sometimes this effect can help aid readability and understanding, whereas […]

Design Trend: Animated Hero Elements

Motion is everywhere in website design. From full-on video to more subtle animations, these elements are a valuable tool in generating user interest and engagement. It can help you follow a trend, capture attention, or offer a more branded experience for your site. Animated hero elements are an almost obvious trend, but there’s a lot […]

What Is a Lookbook? (+ 15 Stunning Examples)

Whether you’re a designer wanting to show off work or have a request to create one for a client, a lookbook can be an effective way to showcase a variety of elements in a single design. A lookbook is a portfolio of sorts and has wide application in a number of fields, including website design, […]

3 Essential Design Trends, July 2022

There are a lot of dark, retro vibes trending in website design right now. Although there are still some light projects popping up – including a pastel trend below – a lot of what we are seeing has a quite moody feel. Here’s what’s trending in design this month. Pastel Color Palettes Let’s start with […]

Design Trend: Almost Too Many Layers

Have you noticed this trend in website design: layers on layers? I feel like I’ve been seeing more of it everywhere recently, and it’s a polarising one! This is a design technique that can range from amazing in terms of visuals and usability to disastrous quickly. It’s clear that there’s a middle ground where it […]