20+ Best Business Email Newsletter Templates (With Modern Responsive Design)

More than 300 billion emails are sent and received every day. But only a fraction of those emails get opened and read by users. Although, getting people to open your newsletter is only the first step of the process. The design and the contents of your emails are also crucial to getting your audience to […]

The Complete Guide To Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing is when you attune your marketing efforts based on customer data. This data can be anything from the first and last name to purchase intent, concerns, and history. Personalized marketing has revolutionized the way businesses market their product and service to their audience. It brings value to people’s lives, spiking the sales graph […]

25+ Vintage “Old English” Fonts & Traditional Typography

The history behind the old English typefaces (also known as Blackletter fonts) goes all the way back to the Middle Ages. This beautiful font type has a rich history even involving kings and queens. In fact, Johannes Gutenberg, the father of the printing press, used a blackletter font to print the first copy of the […]

Quiz: The Infuriating IE Quiz

This week, Microsoft officially ended support for Internet Explorer. Victorious in the first browser war with then-rival Netscape Navigator, IE was only finally surpassed by Google’s Chrome. Whereas once huge numbers of sites would warn users to switch to IE, by the end Microsoft’s biggest app was a virtual pariah. Over the course of its […]

20+ Best YouTube Channel Templates & Intros for Premiere Pro

Creating branded and professional content for YouTube is now much easier than ever before, thanks to pre-made video templates. If you’re planning on starting a new YouTube channel or looking to rebrand your growing channel, one of the first things you should do is find the right Premiere Pro templates for your content. There’s no […]